Why Me?

“Peoples Pro”

Hi thank you for checking my website.

Here is why I’m called the “people’s Pro”

On May 1st 2000, I got laid off from the 3rd company that I was employed with. My career was in the transportation industry, trucking, logistics, etc. I had over 25 years experience. I had a burning desire to change my career to be a golf instructor. My passion for the game was a daily dream, so getting laid off in May was perfect looking back now.

I met golf pro at a range and ask for a job. He let me help him with junior clinics all summer. In winter of 2001 I went to Texas for a month enrolled in USGTA (United States golf teaching association) passed the class and moved on. I came home got a job with Golf Smith and did learn about golf club design, club measuring etc. In 2002 I was hired at a golf course, worked under another pro to further my teaching experience. I’m feeling pretty confident I can start with private lessons at the course, so I gave a few lessons. In 2003 entered into the PGA’s PGM program which is geared towards being head golf professional at the golf course around our country. This was not my goal I truly wanted to teach. I stayed in the program and took advantage of all the classes’ seminars to understand all that golf had to offer. Plus teaching is a big part of the PGA so I absorbed volumes of information. The next 6 years I worked at 3 golf courses and gave many golf lessons with still learning from all of the pros I worked with. In 2010 opened up my private golf suite so all I have to do is focus on being the best golf instructor I can be. In 2014 received my masters in golf instruction from PGTAA (professional golf teaching association of America). In 2019 I retired has the head golf coach of Oakland CC, was the coach there for a combined of 15 years. I have met many great young men. Teaching them golf and other life skills. Today I teach over a 1000 private lessons to all ages’ ability’s, male and female. You should feel very confident I can fix your swing flaws. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

All Ages Welcome

My youngest students are 6 years old to my oldest of 95. You are never too young or too old to learn this great game.

Mission Statement

T o give all of my attention to my student during the lesson. Make golf fun for my students. Get them to understand the difference between golf swings and golfing. To build a profitable business by each and every satisfied person who takes a lesson with me.

College Golf Coach

I have been the Oakland CC golf coach golf now for 14 years. We were Conference champions 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2018, Regional champions 2010, State champions 2011. We were National ranking through the year’s 4th to 10th place. I was named Regional coach of the year 2010, Conference coach of the year 2011 and 2013, State coach of the year 2011.


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